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Get Nourished. Body. Mind. Spirit.


Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga

Join us for a yoga practice that will build strength & flexibility, while increasing body awareness and an overall sense of well-being.

Drop-in classes are offered throughout the week.

All are welcome!

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Gentle Yoga & Relaxation
Gentle Yoga & Relaxation

For those of us looking for a way to unwind and relax in a comfortable, inviting environment, this is for you.  Join us for this evening class every Tuesday, the perfect way to let go of a busy day…

Cat and Civi share the teaching of this class on alternate weeks. Please check the full schedule to see who will be teaching each week.

All are welcome!

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Happy Holiday’s from Nourish

Tis the Season

Holiday’s can be challenging, lots of pressure, lots of spending, lots of pressure to be spending…

This season, why not, instead of getting caught up in the busy, the buying, the doing, choose to slow it down.  To spend time. To enjoy the moments.  The little things.  The small yet immeasurable gifts of family, friends, your fingers and your toes, food on your plate and the freedom to walk outside into the crisp, fresh air?

We are so very fortunate.  And all of the stuff in the world won’t add to that fortune, it may only serve to cover it up and hide it from us… Forget about the stuff and allow yourself space instead to feel full ~ full of gratitude, full of peace, full of joy for the gift of each breath, each touch, each kind word, each helping hand given and each received…

Tis the Season… Spread the love, the joy, the peace, with your thoughts, your words and your actions… All worth so much more than gifts under a tree.

The teachers here at nourish would like to extend our gratitude to all of you out there who help to make this studio more than just a space made up of bricks and mortar, but a space made up of care and connection, a space of kindness and friendship, a space where people can come and be just as they are, a space to breathe and feel and move, a space of nourishment.

So much gratitude.


May you be Happy.  May you be Peaceful.  May you be Free.



The 30 Day Yoga Challenge is BACK!


Commit to the 30 day yoga challenge and prepare to transform your life.

Committing to and Challenging yourself helps you to recognize your own incredible strength. A group commitment allows you to build confidence, flexibility and remain motivated as we take on this challenge together! 

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