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Gentle Yoga & Meditation
Gentle Yoga & Meditation

For those new to yoga & meditation or for those looking for the opportunity to deepen their practice in a comfortable, inviting environment.  Join us for this evening class every Tuesday, the perfect way to relax and unwind.

All are welcome!

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High Intensity Interval SURFSET Training
High Intensity Interval SURFSET Training

45 minutes of high intensity interval training with a SURFSET twist.

Warm up & Cool down with 30 x 60 sec intervals both on and off the boards sandwiched in between.  You WILL sweat.  You WILL rev up your metabolism. You WILL build strength. You WILL FEEL AMAZING!

This is a highly effective, full body toning, strengthening, & heart pumping experience!

YOU are ready. Join us.


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How to Choose Essential Oils


Choosing Essential Oils the right way…

Of all the complementary and ‘alternative’ medical options, essential oils are currently the hottest trend toward discovering health & supporting our own well-being? That’s good news. And, with the increased interest in essential oil usage, it’s now easier to find essential oils. This is good news…sometimes. Before purchasing essential oils, it’s important to know that all oils are not created equal! There are multiple processes that essential oils must go through to ensure they are the quality that will produce the desired results. Here is how to choose the best quality essential oils.

First, you need to find the answers to these questions:
  • Where and how are the plants grown?
  • How are the oils distilled?
  • What type of bottles are the oils placed in?
  • How pure are the oils?

These are just a few of the crucial questions you should ask before deciding on an essential oil.

Now, especially if you are new to essential oils, it can be tempting to buy the least expensive bottle on the shelf. But keep this in mind: high quality oils that have been tested and manufactured according to high standards will be costlier, though well worth it. Essential oils are one of those things that you get what you pay for—if you want quality results, you must invest in quality oils. Period.

The only oils I trust with the health of my family are from Young Living, a company I know is dedicated to providing only the purest, most effective essential oils available.

Why I Only Use Young Living Essential Oils

As a mom, a yoga teacher & studio owner, as well as a nutritional therapist, the quality of the products I use for myself, with my family and recommend to clients is super important to me, so I didn’t take the choice to share and represent Young Living Oils lightly. After a lot of research and learning it became abundantly clear that only Young Living met my standards. Here are few reasons why…

  • Young Living never uses synthetics that can irritate the skin and do not provide the health benefits of true essential oils, which, of course, is why I’m purchasing oils in the first place.
  • Young Living cultivates, harvests, and distills many of the oils on their own farms, which means they have the ability to authenticate the excellence of every step of the process required for superior oils. Their revolutionary Seed to Seal process preserves the reliability and effectiveness of all of their oils. In fact, they regularly exceed the industry’s quality standards.
  • Young Living maintains ethical business practices and supplies outstanding customer service. Because their products are available through distributors, I am guaranteed personal service and education on how I can utilize the power of botanicals for my family’s health and well-being.
  • Young Living is the world leader in essential oils and has been committed to purity since 1993. They are not some fly-by-night company that jumped on the gravy train when essential oils gained mainstream popularity.
  • Young Living offers essential oil blends that supply the best benefits from a variety of botanicals to provide my family with exactly the wellness aspects we need.
  • Young Living is dedicated to the stewardship of the forests, fields and jungles where their botanicals are grown, to ensure the future of the Earth and her botanicals.


Ready to bring these incredible essential oils into your home?  


I promise, you will never regret this investment in your health & the heath of the planet! It’s easy to discover which products can best serve you too… we, the nourishing oils membership team are continually learning, sharing and growing to help YOU learn, share and live better too!


Click HERE to learn more or email me directly to get started.


Set BIG Goals

be awesome

You are the Master of your life.

Each day is a new day, each moment a new moment and within that moment you have the opportunity to re-invent yourself into whomever you choose to be…

Choose to be great.

Choose to be awesome. Choose to be kind and powerful and confident.

Choose to be your highest self ~ courageous, strong, soft, playful, joyful, compassionate. Choose to be you.

Create a vision for yourself and then begin to LIVE into that vision.

Believe. You are brilliant. Allow that brilliance to shine.

Take ACTION.  Create BIG goals.

Let go of fear, doubt, attachments ~ Simply, write those BIG, BOLD goals down and LIVE in to them… There is tremendous POWER in your thoughts and even more power in your actions.  Get clear about who you want to be and HOW you want to live.  Write down this vision of yourself.  You will find that the world begins to conspire towards elevating you up into this vision of you.  Take action.



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