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Join Today $39.00 for 2 weeks unlimited Yoga, SurfSet Fitness & more! Open to all new members.

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Gentle Yoga & Meditation
Gentle Yoga & Meditation

For those new to yoga & meditation or for those looking for the opportunity to deepen their practice in a comfortable, inviting environment.  Join us for this evening class every Tuesday, the perfect way to relax and unwind.

All are welcome!

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High Intensity Interval SURFSET Training
High Intensity Interval SURFSET Training

45 minutes of high intensity interval training with a SURFSET twist.

Warm up & Cool down with 30 x 60 sec intervals both on and off the boards sandwiched in between.  You WILL sweat.  You WILL rev up your metabolism. You WILL build strength. You WILL FEEL AMAZING!

This is a highly effective, full body toning, strengthening, & heart pumping experience!

YOU are ready. Join us.


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Spring Slim Detox

Spring Slim Detox Program

Ready to lighten up & detox your life?

Did the extra cold winter leave you with a little extra ‘insulation’?

Feeling weighed down; physically, mentally and emotionally?

Along with the melting snow, why not melt away some of those extra pounds and rid yourself of some of your extra baggage?

We are soooo excited to say that The Spring Slim Program is HERE.

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DIY Essential Oil Infused Lip Balm

essential oils in orillia
As part of the nourish your life series, I will be bringing you recipes and info on how to simplify, nourish and detox your life!

Here is a super quick, easy and AMAZING recipe for making your very own essential oil infused lip balm… and if I do say so myself, it’s even better than Burt’s Bees!

Why make your own lip balm, or for that matter any body care product, you ask??

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