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Join Today $39.00 for 2 weeks unlimited Yoga, SurfSet Fitness & more! Open to all new members.

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Gentle Yoga & Meditation
Gentle Yoga & Meditation

For those new to yoga & meditation or for those looking for the opportunity to deepen their practice in a comfortable, inviting environment.  Join us for this evening class every Tuesday, the perfect way to relax and unwind.

All are welcome!

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High Intensity Interval SURFSET Training
High Intensity Interval SURFSET Training

45 minutes of high intensity interval training with a SURFSET twist.

Warm up & Cool down with 30 x 60 sec intervals both on and off the boards sandwiched in between.  You WILL sweat.  You WILL rev up your metabolism. You WILL build strength. You WILL FEEL AMAZING!

This is a highly effective, full body toning, strengthening, & heart pumping experience!

YOU are ready. Join us.


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