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Join Today $39.00 for 2 weeks unlimited Yoga, SurfSet Fitness & more! Open to all new members.

Get Nourished. Body. Mind. Spirit.


High Intensity Interval SURFSET Training
High Intensity Interval SURFSET Training

45 minutes of high intensity interval training with a SURFSET twist.

Warm up & Cool down with 30 x 60 sec intervals both on and off the boards sandwiched in between.  You WILL sweat.  You WILL rev up your metabolism. You WILL build strength. You WILL FEEL AMAZING!

This is a highly effective, full body toning, strengthening, & heart pumping experience!

YOU are ready. Join us.


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Astrology Readings
Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings with Wendy

‘Everything can be found in the horoscope if you know where to look.’ Debra Anne Clement

As the blueprint for your soul’s journey, your horoscope is a precious resource that describes your potential for love, money, happiness, healing and success. To access the wisdom within your chart, Wendy will delve deeply into its nuances and retrieve the insights it holds in all areas of your life, she will then share her insights with you in simple terms that are easy to understand.

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